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KASAMA December 2005
Volume 19 Number 4

Vivian Alvarez SolonVivian Returns To Australia

Vivian Alvarez Solon arrived in Sydney from Manila on friday, November 18 accompanied by her sister and Australian Government officials. In the afternoon Vivian and her legal team spoke with the media.


Vivian Alvarez Solon Justice still in detention

Last Christmas Vivian Alvarez Solon was enjoying the charity of Mother Theresa’s nuns in the Philippines but in Australia her family wondered whether she was dead or alive. And Cornelia Rau was probably celebrating her Christmas in “Red One”, the solitary confinement wing of Baxter detention centre.


Vivian Alvarez SolonSupport OFW Issues

A non-government group said Filipinos abroad can be more than just donors and investors, and development organizations should support the issues of overseas Filipinos since they have long supported the needs of the country.


MPI LogoCulture of Migration

Since the 1970s, the Philippines, a country of about 7,000 islands peopled by diverse ethno-linguistic groups, has supplied all kinds of skilled and low-skilled workers to the world's more developed regions.


Vivian Alvarez SolonCultivating Widom - Harvesting Peace

Forty–six peace educators talked about their projects and practice, and shared the wealth of their experience at an International Symposium in Brisbane. Organised by the Multi-Faith Centre, the symposium attracted nearly 200 participants from around the world, including the Philippines. Kasama’s editor, Dee Hunt, was there too. This is the second in our series of reports from the symposium.


Filipinos in Hawai'i - 100 years and beyondCommemorative Book

Filipinos in Hawai'i - 100 years and beyond


Dr. Nicki Saroca There is more to Mackay than sun, sea and sugarcane

Kasama's editor Dee Hunt travelled up country for Dr. Nicki Saroca's seminar at the Queensland Centre for Domestic & Family Violence Research and reconnected with Jean Bingham, the multicultural community worker at the George Street Neighbourhood Centre. The Filipino-Australian Community Association of Mackay and District organised a gathering and there were lots of invitations to meet and eat with Mackay's Pinoys.


Datu Mampahaluna Education, Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition in focus at Manila Conference

The Asian Council for People's Culture (ACPC) and Schools of Indigenous Knowledge and Traditions held a conference in Manila called "Pagsandiwa 2005" commemorating the 3rd National Assembly on Indigenous Education and the 20th anniversary of ACPC. The conference was held from April 19-22 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Folk Arts Theater in Roxas Boulevard. "Kasama" correspondent Deborah Ruiz Wall was there and sent in this report.


Voices Of AustraliaFilipino Stories In Australia

These stories are reprinted from the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission publication “Voices Of Australia”


FANHS LogoFilipino Stories In Hawai'i

“Sakadas and Beyond: Connecting our Past to Inspire the Future”

11th National Conference
June 29 - July 1, 2006
Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki Hotel,
Honolulu, Hawai‘i,



First Conviction under the Philippines Anti-Trafficking Law
Feminist Groups and Survivors Keep Watch Over Rape Case at Olongapo


BOYCOTT NESTLEFair Trade has spiritual roots doing justice for all the poor

You would think that the wealthiest and, arguable, one of the most politically powerful and influential food companies in the world, that claims to have the best quality products, would have the cleanest record when it comes to workers’ rights and employees benefits. So are we to be shocked at a three-year strike by workers demanding justice and fair wages at Nestlé corporation in the Philippines?


BIBAK 6th Igorot International Consultation

A More Tolerant World Through Cultural Sharing


NO TO WAR BANNER Women Say No To War

Women are mobilizing women around the globe to call for an end to the occupation and the violence in Iraq. With the majority of people in Iraq, the U.S., the U.K., and around the world opposing this war, now is the time for women to step forward and make our opposition more visible and vocal.


SR. MARIANI DIMARANAN SR. MARIANI DIMARANAN, SFIC passed away on December 17, 2005 at 81 years of age

“Human rights is at the core of Gospel teachings. ... Sufferings unite victims. Inside the Marcos prisons, the victims and their families learned to care for each other and share everything with others. It is the link to the victims that gives the activist real participant’s strength.” – Sr. Mariani Dimaranan.



Coalition to Stop Child Detention Through Restorative Justice