KASAMA means friend, companion, comrade...

Articles from KASAMA are selected articles only from each issue of Kasama covering all issues from 1996 to 2012 when Kasama ceased publication after twenty-six years. Consequently, subscriptions to Kasama are no loger available.

The SPAN Coordinators have decided to publish the entire Kasama archive progressively in pdf format beginning with the years 1987 to 1995. However, the following issues are missing:

Volume 1 No.1 missing,   Volume 1 No.2 missing,   Volume 1 No.3 missing

Volume 2 No.1 missing,   Volume 2 No.2 missing,   Volume 2 No.4 missing,   Volume 2 No.5 missing

Volume 3 No issues of Volume 3 currently available

If you or anyone you know has a copy of any of the missing issues please contact the SPAN Coordinators


Kasama articles from the following years are available on-line