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KASAMA December 2008
Volume 22 Number 4

GFMD-PGAMigrant Workers are Human Beings – not Commodities

Manila: Civil Society March for Migrants’ Rights

The People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights kicked off on Wednesday, October 22, with a rally and a march in Manila. This event represented a tribute to the rights of migrants across the world, and an affirmation on the part of PGA participants that they would proceed with their plans despite the sudden revocation of their assembly permit by city police. With speeches and performances, the event demonstrated the importance of collectively defending the human dignity of migrants.With speeches and performances, the event demonstrated the importance of collectively defending the human dignity of migrants. After the presentations, everyone walked together from the Malate Catholic Church to Rajah Sulayman Park, where police were waiting with their riot gear.


GFMD-PGA LOGOMigrant Workers Groups issue a 10–point challenge to Governments at the 2nd GFMD

In June 2008, Philippine civil society organizations with regional and international links joined together to launch the Peoples’ Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights, a civil society–led parallel event in relation to the Global Forum on Migration & Development.

Sharan BurrowThe 2nd GFMD Civil Society Days

The GFMD Civil Society Days opened its two–day meeting in Manila on October 27–28 with over 270 delegates, resource persons, and speakers representing almost 60 countries around the world.

The meeting kicked off with opening addresses by Sharan Burrow (conference chairperson), Ayala Foundation co–vice chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (convenor of GFMD Civil Society Days); and King Baudoin Foundation director Francoise Pissart (last year’s convenor).


Philippine Migrants’ Rights Watch LogoPhilippine Migrants’ Rights Watch

Ten–Point Agenda for the Protection and Empowerment of the Migrant Sector

For more than three decades, the Philippines has witnessed the migration of hundreds of thousands of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to take up work in other countries. While there are economic benefits from overseas employment, there are attendant social costs such as the abuse, maltreatment, and discrimination of Filipino migrant workers and the psycho–social impacts of the separation of family members.


Trafficked by Kathleen MaltzahnPlight of Asian women migrants raised at 2nd GFMD

ABS– — October 30, 2008

Manila, Philippines — A migrants' rights advocate yesterday raised her concerns over several issues confronting Asian foreign workers.


CMA LogoCivil society groups await post–GFMD meeting with government

GMANews.TV — November 4, 2008

Manila, Philippines — After the recently concluded Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), civil society groups are now eagerly waiting for the post–GFMD meeting promised by the government.


Hands Off Country LogoKimberly Country Update

In the April/June 2008 issue of Kasama we printed Kathleen Cox’s story about Goombaragin and the liquid natural gas (LNG) processing ‘hub’ the Western Australian government is determined to have built on the Dampier Peninsula coast.

In August and September editor Dee Dicen Hunt and feature writer Deborah Ruiz Wall were in Broome and travelled up the peninsula to some of the areas that may be affected. Here are some updates on the issue.


Mariya CoblenzBACKROOM PRESS: from the Kimberley to the World

Book Review by Mariya Coblenz

BACKROOM PRESS is a great little publishing house based in Broome with the slogan “from the Kimberley to the World”. Their first title Jimmy and Pat Meet the Queen appeared in 1997. It is written by Pat Lowe with illustrations by her husband, acclaimed Walmajarri artist Jimmy Pike. This award–winning book deals with Native Title from an Aboriginal perspective and is aimed at younger readers 8 years and older.


Kathleen MaltzahnTrafficked Women’s Issues in Australia put on National Agenda

by Deborah Ruiz Wall

“She is a saint who would do her work for nothing!” exclaimed Pru Goward, M.P. for Goulburn, NSW, referring to Kathleen Maltzahn whose book, Trafficked she launched at the NSW Parliament House on 12th December. Returning the compliment, Maltzahn praised Goward, former Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner for putting trafficked women’s issues on the national agenda through the weight of her position and influence.


ACRATH GraphicThe Dawn Song – Lyrics

"The Time Has Come to Act Against Human Slavery"
By Andrew Lowden

There’s something in the air
Doesn’t anybody care anymore?
There’s something on the breeze
Forcing me to my knees.

Filipina OFW graphicAustralia signs up to the CEDAW Optional Protocol — At Last!

On 24 November 2008, the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Australian Commonwealth Minister for Women announced that Australia will sign up to the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).


Filipina OFW graphicChurch Leaders Avow Support To Indigenous Peoples

EED Philippine Partners’ Task Force for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Assert Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Land and Resources
Advance Indigenous Knowledge Systems Towards Food Security


Griffith University Multi-Faith CentreOne Humanity, Many Faiths

Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University and Pure land Learning College cordially invite you to an

Interfaith Summit
One Humanity, Many Faiths

An Interfaith Summit for Peace and Harmony in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region


Rufa Cagoco–Guiam On the botched MOA–AD: Lessons never learned

by Rufa Cagoco–Guiam

Focus On The Global South — Philippines Program:

In August, Focus On the Philippines (FOP) commented on the MOA–AD (Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain) and the Mindanao question. Since then, the MOA–AD has been scrapped and the negotiations descended into an indefinite impasse spiked with armed hostilities escalating in Muslim Mindanao. In its September issue FOP put together a virtual forum to keep the discussions going. Reflections from Sol Santos, Rufa Cagoco–Guiao, Nathan Quimpo, Octa Dinampo, Mon Casiple, and Herbert Docena offer handles for all of us who are trying to make sense of this recent MOA episode and the larger dilemmas that remain unresolved.


ASEAN Peoples' Forum 2008 ANNOUNCEMENT: ASEAN Peoples' Forum

The ASEAN Peoples' Forum and ASEAN Civil Society Conference 4 has been postponed to March 2009.

The 3–day APF/ACSC 4 will be held in the original location of Chulalongkorn University – Bangkok, during the weekend before the 14th ASEAN Summit. Precise dates will be confirmed as soon as the ASEAN Secretariat is able to set the date of the rescheduled Summit.


Mario Ruperto Talag Gatbonton Mario Ruperto Talag Gatbonton

Born 27th March 1921 — Entered eternal life 1st December 2008