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KASAMA means friend, companion, comrade...

KASAMA December 2006
Volume 20 Number 4

Stop Funding Climate Change Extreme Weather Events

A Climate of Tragedy in the Philippines

The Philippine Government’s official figures have reported 734 people killed, 2,360 injured and 762 missing when on November 30 a super-typhoon packing winds of up to 265 kph, brought volcanic debris, mud and floodwaters upon the villages below the slopes of the Mt. Mayon volcano. More than 3 million people in 14 eastern provinces were affected, with more than 112,000 persons being housed in evacuation centers.


Heather NancarrowIWSS celebrates its 20th anniversary

Heather Nancarrow - former Chairperson of IWSS

SPAN and CPCA-Brisbane have enjoyed a productive relationship with the Immigrant Women’s Support Service (IWSS) for many years. On behalf of our members and the women we have referred to IWSS’ services, we congratulate and thank the IWSS staff and volunteers who have worked with such passion and diligence for the benefit of Non English Speaking Background (NESB) women. The IWSS 20th anniversary forum was a celebration and reflection of these 20 years of ‘hands-on’ support, research, advocacy, development of policy, training, networking, lobbying – and more – for our common issues of concern. The following articles by four speakers at the IWSS forum are but a sample of the range of issues we discussed. This first piece was written by the 2005/06 IWSS Chairperson, HEATHER NANCARROW.


Ana Maria Allimant Holas Interpreters: Policy and Practice

ANA MARIA ALLIMANT HOLAS began her presentation to the IWSS forum with the lyrics of a popular song from the 1960s. The following article is an edited version of her paper.

It's a restless hungry feeling
That don't mean no one no good,
When everything I'm a-sayin'
You can say it just as good.
You're right from your side,
I'm right from mine.
We're both just too many mornings
An' a thousand miles behind.


Shirley Woods Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

by Shirley Woods

It is only recently that the government formally acknowledged the existence of sex slavery in Australia. In the course of her work in Melbourne with Project Respect Shirley Woods has met and assisted victims of trafficking.

The following is an edited transcript of her presentation.


The Power of Persuasion in Visual Imagery

by Sasi Victoire

With an artist’s eye Cairns-based Sasi Victoire uses the skills of her craft to critique and interpret the construction of female identity by the patriarchal gaze. The following is an edited extract of her presentation at the forum.


Dance ‘Two-way Learning’: Yolngu clan at Australia’s Top End shows the way

by Deborah Ruiz Wall
An unforgettable visit to Nyinyikay, North East Arnhem Land

Visiting Arnhem Land at the top end of Australia would be seen as exotic, an adventure. It conjures images of the film, “Ten Canoes”. Arnhem Land is home to Yol|u people for thousands of years - people who have not lost their traditional culture and language. Not surprising to feel both trepidation and excitement when we met our hosts, Nancy Walmanydji Burarrwanga and the Ganambarrs who live in a family outstation called Nyinyikay, 160 kms from the nearest town, Nhulunbuy, on the Gove Peninsula. Little did we know that during our six-day stay with them, we - six Australian women from the south, would be adopted into their ancient kinship system and given Aboriginal names.


Merlinda Bobis Read Meet Eat Talk

Book Review by Dee Dicen Hunt

Book clubs have recently had a revival as a popular pastime in Australia. Friends get together, a book and a date by which to read it are chosen, then you meet again to talk about it and decide upon the next venue, date and the next book. It’s easy, exciting, good fun. You can discover your friends’ reading tastes (without having to snoop along their library shelves), and you are moved out of the comfort zone of your favourite genre back to the place you were in as a student challenged by the set texts of a course of study.


Octopus Some Are Smarter Than Others

The History Of Marcos' Crony Capitalism

September 21, 1972 is etched in Filipino collective memory as the day when then President Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation 1081 placing the Philippines under rule of Martial Law. To mark this date we are reprinting the preface to Ricardo Manapat’s epic research.


Vivian Alvarez Solon Update: Vivian Alvarez Solon

$4.5m payout to Alvarez

December 1, 2006

AUSTRALIAN citizen Vivian Alvarez has received a “significant” compensation payout - last night reported as $4.5 million - for the 2001 Immigration Department blunder in which she was wrongfully deported to the Philippines.


Liquor Handlers And Miscellaneous Union (LHMU) LHMU News

Canberra restaurants face bans for mistreatment of immigrant workers

1 November 2006 - Four Canberra restaurants have been banned from using the controversial 457 Visa program to bring in skilled migrants to work in their kitchens following a year long campaign by the LHMU Hospitality Union.

Brisbane cleaners unite with community leaders in fight against poverty


UN FlagInternational Human Solidarity Day

KASAMA...means friend, companion, comrade

The promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing is vital in combating poverty. Thus the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed December 20 of each year as International Human Solidarity Day.