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KASAMA March 2006
Volume 20 Number 1

State of EmergencyArroyo declares a 7-day State of National Emergency

The Philippines was under a State of Emergency, announced presidential spokesperson and press secretary Ignacio Bunye on the morning of February 24, 2006, by virtue of Proclamation No. 1017.

This occurred after the government claimed that it foiled an alleged coup d’état attempt against the administration of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo earlier that same day. The purported coup plot was supposedly timed to coincide with demonstrations marking the 20th anniversary of the “people power” revolution that toppled former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The president lifted the State of Emergency on march 3, 2006.


Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros Police attack women’s march on the way to Mendiola

Dispersal Of Women’s Rally: Sign Of Gma’s Extreme Paranoia!

MANILA - MARCH 8, 2006

The women members of the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) and Akbayan Citizen's Action Party with other fraternal organizations rallied at the Sto. Domingo church to march towards Mendiola to commemorate International Women's Day.


International Women’s Day marchNot Just Another Rally

Report from the International Women’s Day march by Julie De Los Reyes for

Manila – March 8, 2006

CONTRARY to what corporate Makati feared as yet another anti-GMA rally, the thousands who marched in the streets of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas on March 8 were there primarily to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Defend Democracy - Respect WomenAKBAYAN And Alliance For Progressive Labor file charges against Philippine National Police before Quezon City Court, The Ombudsman And Commission On Human Rights

By AKBAYAN Party – March 13, 2006

AKBAYAN Party and the Alliance for Progressive Labor (APL) filed criminal and administrative charges against the Philippine National Police for the illegal dispersal of two women-led protest activities, the illegal arrest of AKBAYAN Rep. Risa Hontiveros and APL leader Josua Mata, and the illegal detention of dozens more.


Walden Bello Military Intervention: Definitely a Cure Worse than the Disease

by Walden Bello

It is becoming increasingly clear that the main beneficiary of the stalemate between an unpopular and illegitimate president and a weak opposition is the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).


Didipio Community Didipio Community Files Case Against DENR & Mining Companies

MARCH 8, 2006

The community of Barangay Didipio, Kasibu Nueva Vizcaya filed a Petition for Mandamus against the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Climax Arimco Mining Corporation (CAMC), and its transferee Australasian Philippines Mining Incorporated (APMI) to force the agency to cancel the environmental compliance certificate (ECC) issued to Climax Arimco/Australasian Philippines Mining Inc. (CAMC/APMI) and prevent the implementation of an invalid Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).


Vivian Alvarez SolonVivian Solon’s compensation case goes to arbitration

Overwhelmed by media outside the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney before the hearing began, Vivian whispered, "Yes, yes, thank you" when asked if she was happy that so many people were concerned for her welfare.

Unable to come to terms, Vivian Alvarez Solon’s legal team and the Australian Government Solicitors have submitted to arbitration Vivian’s claim of compensation for her wrongful detention and deportation.


George Newhouse STILL WAITING: the need for culture change in the Department of Immigration

March 5, 2006 — Brisbane

The Qld. Refugee Action Committee held a one-day conference asking “Unfinished Business: Where To Now For The Refugee Policy?”

George Newhouse, was the keynote speaker.


Liquor Handlers And Miscellaneous Union (LHMU)

OFWs Exploited in Canberra Restaurant Trade

The Liquor Handlers And Miscellaneous Union (LHMU) Hospitality section stepped in and offered assistance and solidarity to exploited Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWS) on contract to restaurants in Australia’s federal capital city. The LHMU has been praised for helping the guest workers escape from what has been described as slave-like conditions.


Project Respect The Trafficking Visa Regime – how effective is it likely to be?

Project Respect is keeping a close eye on the implementation of Australia’s anti-trafficking measures. This article is reprinted from the Project Respect newsletter, issue no. 1, March 2006.

Much has been written about the global problem of trafficking in persons, especially women and girls for the purposes of sexual slavery. What will be looked at here is the Australian response to trafficking of women beginning with the Australian Federal Government’s implementation of a $20 million anti-trafficking package.


SHAKIRA HUSSEINHow Multiculturalism Destroyed Barbie's Love Life

by Shakira Hussein

As a child, I hated Barbie. She epitomised the bubbly blonde adorableness to which every little girl in my Queensland primary school aspired, an ideal that a scrawny bad-tempered half-Pakistani misfit like me could never hope to attain.



Between 700,000 and two million persons are trafficked globally each year.

Human trafficking is the second largest source of income globally. Australia is a country of destination. Women, men and children are trafficked for many purposes.

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