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KASAMA June 1996
Volume 10 Number 2

June 1996
Volume 10 Number 2

Chico Dam Project and Kalinga Women

Presented at the NGO Forum of the Fourth World Conference on Women 1995, Forum on Women's Resistance Strategies by Leticia Bula-at of INNABUYOG.

The New Gold Rush

The 1995 Philippine Mining Act lures a new wave of profit-hungry gold diggers.

Isis International, Manila

During March this year RHONA BAUTISTA from the Manila office of Isis International visited Australia. Rhona manages the library of the Resource Center and Information Program.

Filipino Women in Herstory

The graphics and some text on this page are taken from Ang Gabriela sa Pagsusulong ng Kilusang Kababaihan sa Pilipinas.

Good Shepherd Trading Circle

'We hope that 1996, the U.N. International Year aimed at the elimination of poverty, will be a bumper year for our Good Shepherd Trading Circle and for the hundreds of women who produce the high quality goods which we market.'

Stepping Out by Maureen Watson

Stepping Out is reprinted here with the author\'s permission. The biographical notes above are from Inside Black Australia, an anthology of Aboriginal poetry edited by Kevin Gilbert.