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KASAMA September 2004
Volume 18 Number 3

Folly of EmpireImperial Amnesia

The following article is an excerpt from the recently published book THE FOLLY OF EMPIRE by JOHN B. JUDIS


Folly of EmpireThe Forbidden Book

While the American colonizers pursued their agenda of 'benevolent assimilation' in the Philippines, Filipinos were unaware of how they were being portrayed by the American media in the United States.


Angelo de la CruzThe World (Record) According to Jay Leno

The number one talk show host in the U.S. threw a signature potshot at the Philippine government's response to the Angelo de la Cruz crisis. 'A new world record was set on the 100-meter dash,' he said, 'by Filipino troops fleeing Iraq.'


Folly of EmpireFilipinos rally against Downer's insults

Filipinos in the southern Australian state of Victoria held a lunch-time rally in Melbourne at the steps of the Victorian Parliament building on Friday, July 30 to express their criticisms and anger at Prime Minister John Howard and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer's derogatory remarks against the Philippine government's decision to withdraw the Philippine humanitarian contingent in Iraq in exchange for the release of Angelo de la Cruz.


AKBAYAN denounces reckless Aussie government remarksAKBAYAN denounces reckless Aussie government remarks

AKBAYAN Party-List today trooped to the Australian embassy to express outrage over the remarks made by the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer.



We feature a speech delivered by Herbert Docena on behalf of Gathering for Peace and the Iraq Solidarity Campaign at the forum "Hostaged? Philippine foreign policy after Angelo de la Cruz" in UP Diliman last August 12. Herbert Docena is a foreign policy analyst with Focus on the Global South.


Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10Old Commitments, New Struggles Mark Asia Pacific NGO Forum Opening

Commitments were reaffirmed, new feminists welcomed and a human rights protest marked the 30 June 2004 opening of the Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10. The 4-day event took place in Thailand at Mahidol University in Nakorn Pathom, about 50 kilometres west of the capital Bangkok.


Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10NGO Women Discuss Gains Made Over the Past 10 Years and Address Emerging Global Issues

The 'consequences of ideological patriarchies in power' affecting women's lives - such as the unholy alliance of the state and religion and globalisation forces - were discussed on 01 July 2004, the second day of the Asia-Pacific NGO Forum in Mahidol University, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand.


Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10The Personal, Political, Social and Economic Scrutinised in AP NGO Day 3

Issues that affect the personal, political, social and economical lives of women world-wide were discussed with vigour on 2 July 2004, the third day of the Asia-Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing+10.


Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10Women Take Home New Skills, Commitments From Asia-Pacific NGO Forum

The Asia-Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing+10 ended on 03 July 2004 with women from the region bringing home new skills, renewed commitments and new hopes.


Asia-Pacific (AP) NGO Forum on Beijing +10AP NGO Forum Mini-Film Festival Celebrated Women Filmmakers

A mini-film festival capped each day of Asia-Pacific NGO Forum, drawing a crowd of women interested in seeing their issues highlighted on the audiovisual medium of film/video.


John HowardAustralian Diplomacy like 'a bull in a china shop'

'Any intrusion by 'flying squads' into Philippine territory is out of question,' said Ignacio Bunye, the Philippine President's spokesman and press secretary, responding to media questions about Prime Minister John Howard's plan to deploy 'flying squads' of Australian police to stop terrorist attacks in the Asia-Pacific regions.


92nd Session of the International Labor Conference, Geneva, 1-7 June 2004'Towards a Fair Deal for Migrant Workers in a Global Economy'

A Report on the 92nd Session of the International Labor Conference, Geneva, 1-7 June 2004. By ELLENE A. SANA, Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines (CMA-Phils), Member of the delegation of Migrants Rights International (MRI) - Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA)