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KASAMA March 2004
Volume 18 Number 1

Kathleen MaltzahnPaying for Servitude: Trafficking in Women for Prostitution in Australia

Kathleen Maltzahn, the founding director of Project Respect, gave the 2004 International Women's Day Pamela Denoon lecture on 4th March in Canberra. The following article is an edited version of Kathleen's talk.


New Publications

New Publications

“Human Traffic: Sex, Slaves and Immigration” by Craig McGill,
“Shifting The Blame: A Primer on Prostitution Policies” by SALIGAN and CATW-AP,
“Halfway Through The Circle: the Lives of 8 Filipino Survivors of Prostitution and Sex Trafficking” WEDPRO Inc.


Australian Volunteers InternationalCommunities Dreaming

When Zayne D'Crus talked to child advocates from the Philippines, he discovered that young people are changing their communities one step at a time. This extract from the Australian Volunteers International magazine is reprinted with permission.


BrokeSocial Watch Philippines
Media Release
March 5, 2004

“With debt service at P1.3 trillion, who really wants to run this country?”:

Citizens challenge candidates to take a stand on the Millennium Development Goals


The Filipinos First BathColonial Name, Colonial Mentality and Ethnocentrism (PART THREE)

On the basis of the genealogy of Philippines and Filipino alone, the Muslim "Filipinos" have more than enough reason to object to these appellations. But there is still one other significant reason, perhaps an even graver one. To many Muslims, Philippines and Filipino reflect the efforts not just of the Spanish and American colonialists, but also of the indios, i.e. the Christianized majority, to force the Muslims to abandon their "savage" ways and to adopt the ways of Christian, Western "civilization". To many Muslims, Philippines and Filipino encapsulate the attempts of the Christian majority, continuing up to the present time, to turn the Muslims into the majority's image and likeness - Christianized, Westernized and, in the eyes of these Muslims, very colonial-minded.


It’s no time for a party to celebrate the IMF and World Bank’s 60th BirthdaySend an Unhappy Birthday Card to the IMF and World Bank

It’s no time for a party to celebrate the IMF and World Bank’s 60th Birthday.

It's Time to Drop the Debt