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KASAMA March 2003
Volume 17 Number 1

Loretta RosalesAsian Peace Mission Returns from Baghdad

Published in Focus On the Philippines, the electronic newsletter of FOCUS ON THE GLOBAL SOUTH

While embassy staff, migrant workers, and other international non-government organisations were packing up to leave Iraq, a small group of Asian parliamentarians, civil society leaders and activists travelled to Baghdad to express solidarity and experience first-hand the condition of the Iraqi people and the possible effects of the war.


Black Lives, Government Lies by Rosalind KiddBlack Lives, Government Lies by Rosalind Kidd

The book consistently challenges those who maintain the policies of the time were merely misguided... it is powerful and quickly read, and will never be forgotten.

The following speech was given by Dr Ros Kidd at the Brisbane City Council Library on February 12, 2003. The launch of the second printing of her book Black Lives, Government Lies was organised by ANTaR Qld.


Gloria BeckettStolen wages activist accepts Government reparations offer

31 March 2003

Aboriginal activist Gloria Beckett, who spent her 60th birthday last Saturday in a hospital built from funds she's fought to retrieve for her people, has said she will accept the Queensland Government's offer of $4,000 reparations for her stolen wages.

Speaking from her bed in Redcliffe Hospital, much of which was built during the 1960s after £100,000 [pounds] was borrowed from Aboriginal accounts held in trust by the government, Ms Beckett said she has less than 12 months to live.


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