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KASAMA March 1996
Volume 10 Number 1

March 1996
Volume 10 Number 1

Massacre in the Mountains

A condensed version of the original article printed in SPARKS Vol. VII No. 3, Aug/Oct 1995, the newsletter of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP).

Cordillera Rice Terraces

World Heritage Listing for Cordillera Rice Terraces.

Filipino Women Lured By Religious Sect

Hundreds of Filipino women are being illegally recruited by alleged members of the 'Moonies' either to be brides, domestic helpers, sex slaves, prostitutes or factory workers.

OPINION: Is Australia Experiencing a Racist Resurgence?

On March 2, 1996 Australians of non-Anglo/Celtic ethnic background intently watched the results of the Australian Federal elections. At issue were policies that specifically affect migrant communities of non-English speaking background.

"Sex Diary of an Infidel" - Reviewed by Emere Distor

I may have taken the issue of sex tourism way too seriously that I forked out $12 to see a play allegedly touching on this issue.

International Women's Day 1996

In celebrating International Women\'s Day we must not only remember what women have achieved so far, but also we should remember the suffering of countless women in Australia and overseas.