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Solidarity Philippines Australia Network (SPAN)
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This website contains images that some Aboriginal people may be sensitive to and they should exercise caution when viewing.
SPAN is a network of Filipino and Australian individuals and organisations active in solidarity with the struggles of the Filipino peoples for Human Rights, Self-Determination, Social Justice, Peace and Democracy.  SPAN identifies with the poor and oppressed majority of the Philippines and acts upon its special concern for women and children in general and indigenous peoples in particular.

You can find out more about the aims and objectives of SPAN in the Aims & Constitution.

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SPAN publishes a quarterly newsletter, KASAMA, now in its twenty-sixth year of continuous publication. Not all KASAMA articles are published in the KASAMA on-line archive. To read the full issue of Kasama you will need to subscribe.

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  • The Great Left Divide
  • Trial of the Century May Take Ages to Finish
  • Native Revival
  • Another Disaster Looms in Marinduque
  • Trail of Power Mess Leads to Ramos
  • Teenagers Perish in Davao’s Killing Fields
  • Twilight in Oyon Bay
  • Unregulated Fish Pen and Cage Operations Mess Up Coastal Ecosystems
  • Garbage Problem Rooted in Money and Politics
  • Comrade Torturer
  • A Pattern of Abuse
  • Troubled Return of the Faithful
  • Despite the Risks, Filipino Seafarers Toil in the World’s Oceans
  • A Study of Corruption in the Philippine Navy
  • Arming the Enemy
  • Manila's Privatized Water
  • Gambling on Greens
  • The story of activists turned political consultants
  • In Tarlac, CARP gives land to the wealthy
  • The Real Score on Deficits and the Public Debt
  • Major Players Elude Government’s Anti-Logging Drive in Aurora
  • Up to 70% of Local Health Funds Lost to Corruption
  • The Unmaking of the President
  • Billions in Farm Funds Used for Arroyo Campaign
  • The Campaign - Jekyll-And-Hyde Campaign
  • The Paradox Of Freedom - People Power In The Information Age
  • When will the killings stop?
  • House bill seeks gender quota for government posts
  • People Power and the Perils of Democracy Lite
  • Local Bosses: Equal Opportunuty Violence
  • The U.S. Troops' 'Unconventional' Presence
  • An Abnormal Return to Normality by MANUEL L. QUEZON III
  • Still Strangers in Their Own Land by RORIE R. FAJARDO
  • The Maguindanao Massacre, the Bangsamoro Problem and the Peace Process
  • Report of the Humanitarian and Fact-Finding Mission to Maguindanao
  • 10 Ampatuans implicated in massacre are candidates
  • The Ampatuans of dirt-poor Maguindanao: Shamefully rich, clan has 35 houses, fleet of wheels (First of Three Parts)
  • Maguindanao a development black hole: The poor get poorer, Ampatuans get richer as IRA billions pour in (Second of Three Parts)
  • Ampatuans managed public funds like clan’s own purse (Third of Three Parts)
  • The 15th Congress: Clans keep tight grip on power
  • On EDSA’s 25th, corruption devours the Armed Forces
  • Petty, big, routine graft a lucrative trade at AFP
  • Corruption talks trigger worry, debates in AFP
  • Conversion: The con game of the Philippine military
  • Amazons of the Huk Rebellion
  • Poverty and dynasties: The chicken or the egg?
  • Andal Jr. sells 8 big properties; 72 Ampatuans running in 2013
  • Ampatuans own 500 hectares but assets inventory incomplete
  • Double Talk on Citizen’s Rights: Abridging Freedom of Expression, Reneging on Freedom of Information





    Welcome to - the home of KASAMA
    KASAMA is the newsletter of Solidarity Philippines Australia Network (SPAN) also publishes available issues of the Queensland newsletter of Philippines Australia Solidarity Group (PASG).

    Kasama Masthead

    KASAMA means friend, companion, comrade...

    The last regular issue of Kasama, Volume 26 Number 3, was published in September 2012.

    The SPAN Coordinators have decided to publish the entire opus of PASG QLD and SPAN newsletters from 1987-2012 on the SPAN website.
    They will be made progressively available in pdf format in the SPAN PDF Archive.

    Centre for Migrant Advocacy
    Centre for Migrant Advocacy (CMA)

    CMA Logo CMA advocates for the rights of Filipino migrants everywhere – whether they are land based or sea-based migrants and Filipino immigrants or permanent residents and their families.




    Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia
    Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia (CPCA)

    CPCA Logo CPCA is a national network of Filipino individuals and organisations in Australia committed to advancing the Filipino people's interests. It was formally established in November 1991. The CPCA national office is located in Melbourne. There is also a Brisbane Branch office. There are CPCA members currently living in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territories and in the Philippines itself.

    Deaths & Disappearances
    Includes updated summary of the Violent Deaths and Disappearances of Filipino Women and Children in Australia as at 18th July 2011.

    Confronting Sexual Exploitation
    Strengthening Solidarity With Filipino Women Against Sexual Exploitation
    Campaign Against Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Filipino Women.
    Exposure/Study Tour to the Philippines June l9-July 4, 1995.
    Report of the Participants from Australia and Aotearoa/N.Z.

    Filipino Women & Sexual Violence: Speaking Out & Providing Services
    Paper presented to the Immigrant Women's Support Service Forum "Sexual Violence in a Gender, Cultural and Human Rights Framework" on 24th November, 2000, by Dee Dicen Hunt and Cora Sta. Ana-Gatbonton, Centre for Philippine Concerns Australia (Brisbane Branch). You can read the other papers presented to the forum on the IWSS website.

    Filipino Community Organising on Women's Issues in Australia
    Paper presented by Dee Dicen Hunt at the 'STOP THE TRAFFIC SYMPOSIUM: Addressing trafficking in women for prostitution' organised by Project Respect held on February 25th, 2002 at RMIT University, Melbourne.

    Vivian Alvarez Solon
    Comprehensive list of links to Kasama articles about Vivian’s case, submissions from CPCA-Brisbane and Justice Alliance for Vivian to the Senate Inquiry into the administration and operation of the 1958 Migration Act and links to other documents including the Palmer Inquiry Report and the Senate DFAT Committee Interim Report “The removal, search for and discovery of Ms Vivian Solon”


    Support Indigenous Rights

    iratiwanti - the poison leave it

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    IPIR Logo


    Stop Violence Against Women

    UNIFEM Logo

    Say NO to Violence against Women Logo


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