SPAN Membership Details

Thank you for your interest in
Solidarity Philippines Australia Network.

To be accepted into the SPAN network you must be in agreement with the Aims and Objectives of SPAN and have paid your annual membership fee.

You can find the Aims and Objectives in the Aims & Constitution of SPAN

The current individual and group membership rate is AUD$20 per year which includes 4 issues of KASAMA by post in Australia plus all other mailouts. The concession rate for students, pensioners and the unemployed is currently AUD$15 per year. Bulk rates for KASAMA are available on request.

Donations for solidarity work are always greatly appreciated. Email the SPAN coordinators if you wish to contribute to a specific project.

If you wish to join SPAN complete the SPAN Membership Form and return with your payment to the SPAN Coordinators.

For further information about SPAN membership email the SPAN Coordinators