KASAMA Vol. 25 No. 1 / January-February-March 2011 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network


28 & 29 May 2011 * North Melbourne Town Hall
* Workshops * Panels * Art * Performances * Open Spaces *

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Feminist Futures is a conference organised by the Melbourne Feminist Collective that aims to provide a safe, supportive and active space for discussing different strategies to create a feminist future. It is an open environment for anyone interested in imagining and creating feminist futures in our community.

The conference seeks to reclaim the concept of “feminism” as a positive and necessary political ideal that is of direct relevance to the everyday lives of women and men. It aims to cultivate positive relationships between groups and individuals within the feminist movement by bringing them together to engage in thoughtful dialogue and constructive criticism of shared goals and strategies. Feminist Futures will also celebrate the increasing strength of the feminist movement, and challenge the view that we are living in a ‘post-feminist’ society.

Presenters: Tracey Bunda, Raewyn Connell, Joumanah, Stephen Fisher, Katrina Fox, Amanda George, Rebecca Gerrett, Ludo McFerran, Kathleen Maltzahn, Melba Marginson, Paola Morabito, Marisa Sposaro, Alison Thorne.

Conference Fee - AUD 25.00/AUD 15.00 (concession)

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