KASAMA Vol. 24 No. 4 / October-November-December 2010 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

One Million Filipinos for Reproductive Health

One Million Filipinos for Reproductive Health We are pro-life. We believe that the RH Bill would save the lives of hundreds of women who face death because unplanned pregnancy pushes them to undergo unsafe abortion, or because they have no access to information and programs on maternal health.

We believe that information is life.

We are pro-choice. We are Filipinos from different religions. We are Filipinos who have no religion. But we all have faith in our nation's conscience - that given the correct information, we can choose the family planning program of our own choice, based on our personal beliefs and our faith, and based on our conscience.

But the lack of choice stifles our conscience. And when our conscience is curtailed, our dignity is broken and our faith impaired.

We are Filipinos who wish to give our nation a chance to prosper and a chance to fulfill its people's desires. We are not asking for dole-outs. We just want equal chances to improve our lot and improve our lives.

We are one million Filipinos asking the Congress to pass the Reproductive Health Bill. We are one million Filipinos telling our representatives to heed our voice.

One Million Filipinos for Reproductive Health
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