KASAMA Vol. 24 No. 2 / April-May-June 2010 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

Shinju Matsuri
Festival of the Pearl

27th Aug to 5th Sept 2010
Broome, Western Australia

Shinju Dragon Symbol Wednesday, 26 May 20l0


From the high spirited and colourful waking of Sammy the Dragon after his yearlong slumber; across ten days of festivity bolstered through events for and put on by the community; to a spectacular fireworks finale; Shinju Matsuri is the premier arts, cultural and community event in Broome, Western Australia.

This year the festival celebrates its 40th anniversary!

We ore delighted to advise that the following have joined the Board for 2010: Stephen (Baamba) Albert - Chair; Mike Dunnett - Treasurer; Melanie Virgo - Secretary; Graeme Campbell; Doug Fong; and Wes Franckes.

The Board is driven by the community and sees the festival as an opportunity to re-educate and inform the community of the cultural heritage of Broome. The beautiful northwest town of Broome will come alive with 10 days of festivities that showcases talents of Broome including traditional and contemporary arts, and industry, community and tourism events which celebrate and acknowledge the town’s unique culture, history and diversity.

The Board of Shinju Matsuri invites the Filipino community of Broome to enjoy the festivities that present a community working together in a true celebration of all the various cultures and people who call Broome their home.

The Filipino community of Broome is invited to participate in Shinju Matsuri, Festival of the Pearl! The Board and Coordinators welcome the Filipino community of Broome to display the colour and identity that is unique to them with historical ties to the town and share this with the greater community through the following events.

Watch Sammy the Dragon come alive at the exciting Opening Ceremony to 10 days of celebrations which brings together over 50 different nationalities represented within the community. The Carnival of Nations showcases Broome’s traditional and contemporary culture whilst recognising the town’s diverse multicultural heritage. Activities will include food markets, dance and music and a parade of national flags and dress by volunteers of ethnic origin. The Carnival of Nations is an opportunity to encourage tolerance, understanding and mutual respect.

The Shinju Matsuri Art Awards are open to all residents of Broome and the Kimberley (6 months minimum) and are an opportunity to see a variety of interpretations of Broome’s identity and to acknowledge gifted artists who work with different mediums.

Rotary Club of Broome’s Dragon Boot Regatta as part of the Shinju Matsuri Calendar of Events has registrations available for teams who wish to compete in a sporting pastime via

The Float Parade is a fantastic way to express Filipino culture in a colourful procession of floats, vehicles and performers. The Float Parade is a collection of the different community, business and interest groups in Broome and is open to everyone to watch and participate in. It’s not about how much you spend or how ostentatious your float, or who takes home a prize. It is about the harmonious presentation and celebration of multiculturalism and diversity that reinforces the colour and welcoming spirit of Broome.

The Mardi Gras is a family friendly party and concert held on Male Oval. From school groups to performance troupes and cultural performances the Coordinators are seeking expressions of interest to create a line up of local talent that will welcome interesting and enjoyable choreographed works. For professional groups there are additional opportunities for performance so do contact the Coordinators for further information.

Several ticketed events are presented in the Calendar of Events that you are most welcome to attend, and is attached for your perusal. Tickets will go on sale at various locations in Broome from July.

2010 is a milestone year that celebrates 40 years of Shinju Matsuri Festival. The Board intends that the festival is a reflection of the past 40 years and that it honours patrons and founders of the event, whilst welcoming new arrivals and cultural exchange.

We look forward to your involvement in a great community celebration.

Yours sincerely

Chairperson - Shinju Matsuri lnc.

Shinju Matsuri lncorporated (ABN: 56178581257)
Shop 8, 26-28 Dampier Terrace, Chinatown, Broome WA 6725.
PO Box 2596, Broome WA 6725
Phone: 08 9192 6461 Fax: 08 9193 7190
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