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the Open Source human rights search engine

From: Huri Search (
Subject: HuriSearch — the Open Source human rights search engine
To: SPAN (

HURIDOCS is glad to announce the launch of a new, Open Source version of HuriSearch, its specialised search engine for human rights information.

HuriSearch is a very useful resource for human rights researchers and advocates, academic staff and students, journalists, diplomats and staff of international organisations - in fact anyone who is interested in human rights and needs an effective Internet search tool.

HuriSearch searches the content of over 5000 human rights websites, with a total of almost 7 million pages. This content is always fresh, because HuriSearch indexes the content of these websites very frequently.

The source of information is crucially important in human rights work. HuriSearch makes it possible to focus searches on information published in a particular country, by a particular type of organisation, by a specific organisation, or in a specific language.

Search results are based upon relevance of contents rather than website popularity - which makes the pages from smaller organisations more visible than on other search engines.

The previous version of HuriSearch was hosted by FAST, but this collaboration came to an end in the course of 2009. HURIDOCS has since worked on a new, Open Source version of its search engine, powered by Lucene – Solr. We would like to thank Dominique Béjean of Wiizio who took care of the programming of this new tool.

We will continue to improve HuriSearch, and plan to add user interfaces in French, Spanish and other languages.

We would appreciate it if you could try out HuriSearch and spread the word about it.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Bert Verstappen,
Programme Coordinator, HURIDOCS

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