KASAMA Vol. 24 No. 1 / January-February-March 2010 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

Women March Against Violence

Militarism, Sexism, WTO, Arroyo: RETREAT!

Board member Merlie G. Talingdan
March 08, 2010 — Five thousand women marched in Manila today for the centennial celebration of International Women's Day.

Workers, students, professional and peasant women alike joined the rally to coincide with actions in Western countries. As the country is getting ready for its presidential elections in May, demonstrators say none of the candidates are addressing properly women’s rights.

“No presidential board has really a concrete women's agenda. No one has come forward to say how women's lives could be improved. No presidential board has come forward to say that they will push for the reproductive health bill, that they will push for the anti-prostitution bill,” said Jean Enriquez, World March of Women, Philippines Co-ordinator.

Despite having a female president and 27 laws protecting women's rights, advocates say violence against women is still persistent in the Philippines.


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