KASAMA Vol. 24 No. 1 / January-February-March 2010 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

Guide on Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples

Tebtebba Foundation

Guide on Climate Change & Indigenous Peoples;

Published by Tebtebba Foundation
Baguio City, Philippines
2nd Edition 2009

Authors: Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Raymond de Chavez, Eleonor Baldo-Soriano, Helen Magata, Christine Golocan, Maribeth V. Bugtong, Leah Enkiwe-Abayao and Joji CariƱo
Editors: Raymond de Chavez & Victoria Tauli-Corpuz


The aim of this publication is to enhance our knowledge on climate change so that we will be better equipped to participate more effectively in shaping relevant policies and actions taken to address this issue. It also aims to enlighten non-indigenous peoples on our own experiences and perspectives on climate change. We are aware of the existence of recently written materials on indigenous peoples and climate change but most of these are not written by us and therefore lack the perspectives we have to offer. This publication is aimed to fill the dearth of such materials. It is designed as a guide that will provide the basic information which we deem indigenous peoples should have on their hands. Hopefully, it will allow all of us to appreciate more fully how climate change issues are related to our basic struggles for rights to lands, territories and resources, right to culture and to self-determination, including our right to development.

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