KASAMA Vol. 21 No. 2 / April-May-June 2007 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

a documentary by jason bray

Corruption – Intimidation – Murder

Death Or Glory

What are candidates willing to wager in order to win The Philippines federal elections?

The documentary Death or Glory investigates the pervasive yet disturbing events before, during and following the 2007 federal elections in The Philippines.

Using cheating, deception, intimidation and murder, candidates will stop at nothing in order to attempt to gain political control of the country.

Dramatic initial footage was shot on location in May 2007 and has been incorporated into the teaser trailer that you will find linked on this page below.

We believe that this shocking film is a must-see for Australian and international audiences and addresses serious concerns corrupting the world around us.

From: Jason Bray, Compact IOM, Nueva Ecija team.

Hey everyone —

Below is the link for the Death or Glory 60-second teaser. It will give you an insight into where this documentary is headed. Death or Glory aims to be a political thriller, human rights exposé and a road trip all in one; fresh, informative, moving, funny and terrifying in equal measure. Estimated to run at close to an hour, hopefully it will be completed by the end of this year. We are deep in post production and need more money to finish it, so please keep your eyes and ears open to any potential investors. As you will see by the teaser there is an important story of injustice and hope that needs to be told here.
There is a link to the teaser footage on the Red Earth Films web site at

Jason Bray, Youth Worker,
Centenary Uniting Church and Red Earth Films
W: 07 3279 2171 M: 0407 574 883

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