KASAMA Vol. 21 No. 1 / January-February-March 2007 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

PINOY TV for the Filipino Australian Community

Melba Marginson writes...

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Filipino-Australian community,

I have been involved with Pinoy TV for a few years now, on and off as a commentator. This year I will be regularly involved as a panel member of a segment tackling issues raised by our viewers. Together with Al Noveloso, the anchorperson and Sonny Castillo, previously an SBS newscaster, we will be reading emails and letters from our viewers and comment or provide solutions to the issues and problems they raise. Beginning March this year, we will be on Pinoy TV programs for 10 minutes under this panel segment which is as yet to be titled.

I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to watch Pinoy TV as it is now broadcast nationally (see below for days and time of programming) and help us make it more relevant to our viewers. Pinoy TV in Melbourne alone has more than 35,000 viewers, not only Pinoys but also other English-speaking migrants and the Australian-born. The fact that it is mostly conducted in English could be the reason for this wider reach and with its release in other states, the viewing number may have doubled. This is why I think we should support it even more.

The other reason I am informing you about Pinoy TV is because I would like you to help us get more viewers by writing in about the issues you want discussed in the panel segment. Also, if you have any activity that you think is worth televising on the show, feel free to email Al Noveloso at

Please pass on this information to others within your network.

Warm regards,

Melba Marginson