KASAMA Vol. 20 No. 2 / April-May-June 2006 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

IGO: Igorot Global Organization

The Igorot peoples of the Gran Cordillera Central have had six international gatherings since 1995. The most recent took place for the first time in Australia.

The designers of the cover of the IIC-6 souvenir programme thought they could best illustrate the theme “A more tolerant world through cultural sharing” by depicting the meeting of the Aboriginal and Igorot peoples though dance. They say: “Historically and spiritually, both the Australian Aboriginal and Igorot cultures have a strong connection to the land and this was used as an underlying theme …identity …images of cultural dances which both sides seem to have a great passion for and no hesitation in expressing in the right context.”

The next consultation is proposed to take place on Igorot land in the Philippines in 2008.

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