KASAMA Vol. 16 No. 1 / January-February-March 2002 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

A man admitted in Newcastle District Court yeaterday to three child sex offences in the Philippines. He was working as a ship's engineer for a charitable organisation when he committed the crimes.

Raymond Colin Smith, 40, pleaded guilty to committing two indecent acts with one six-year-old girl and one indecent act with another six-year-old at Olongapo City October 5, 1999.

Despite saying earlier he would contest the allegations, Smith told the court before entering the pleas that he wanted to take the blame for what he did even though he was having a nervous breakdown at the time.

Judge Ralph Coolahan adjourned the charges until April 12 for sentence.

- with a report from The Newcastle Herald, Friday, March 1, 2002.