KASAMA Vol. 16 No. 1 / January-February-March 2002 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

History, Life and Times of Robert Anderson - Gheebelum, Ngugi, Mulgumpin

Community and personal history of a Ngugi Elder of Mulgumpin in Quandamooka, South East Queensland, Australia

Writer/Recordist: Christine Peacock
Published by: Uniikup Productions Ltd., PO Box 3230, South Brisbane Queensland 4101

Christine Peacock describes the content of the book's three chapters:

History Tracing the path of our ancestors through that history offers a deeper appreciation of our strengths and an inventory of the process of colonisation and decolonisation.

Life is an insight into how Goori life changed amidst white society in the 1930s and 40s, and the propensity to maintain connections with land and culture. It is a personal history that expands the dimensions of our collective knowledge of Aboriginal society, challenging stereotypes that diminish and derogate our experiences and identity.

Times offers a comprehensive dialogue by this prominent Elder which bridges generations. Robert Anderson, in speaking for himself, challenges colonist culture with a counter-definition of its own tenets. It provides a valuable lesson and a record for posterity.

An online edition of "History, Life and Times of Robert Anderson" has been reformatted by Inkahoots in co-operation with Robert Anderson and editing by Cathy Boyle. It includes updates of recent developments and photographs. You can download the online edition at