KASAMA Vol. 13 No. 1 / January–February–March 1999 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

Australia’s Minister for Justice, Amanda Vanstone will represent The Criminal Code Amendment (Slavery and Sexual Servitude) Bill to Parliament later this year.

A report of the Standing Committee of Attorney Generals, issued on 4 January 1999, recommended a maximum 25 years jail for exercising powers of ownership over another. The report also recommended an additional offence of deceptive recruiting to protect foreign employees unaware that their jobs included sex.

The offence of sexual servitude, in which because of threats, a victim is not free to cease providing sexual services, would be punishable by 15 years jail and 19 years where the victim is under 18 years old.

The Federal Government estimates there are up to 300 female "sex slaves" in Australia from South East Asia, including Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia.

— Source: ECPAT Australia Bulletin No. 51 Feb/March 1999

Some SPAN members are currently discussing this proposed legislation and have made submissions to the Model Criminal Code Officers Committee.

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