KASAMA Vol. 11 No. 3 / July-August-September 1997 / Solidarity Philippines Australia Network

Bob Anderson, Chairperson of the State Reconciliation Council was the only Aborigine in Queensland to be recognised by an award during Seniors Week recently.

Mr Anderson received a Qld Premier’s Award for his outstanding volunteer service to the community. A panel of representatives from industry, ethnic and community groups decided upon the award recipients.

Uncle Bob, Tito, kasama, Brother, kuya, Bobby is a long-standing member of SPAN. He was a participant in the International Peace Brigades to the Philippines in 1988/89 and holds a treasured place in the hearts of the Aytas (Indigenous People) of Sambales.

Congratulations on the award, Bobby, and thank you for your friendship, solidarity, the wisdom of your advice, and for linking us up with our Filipino/Australian Indigenous geo-political history and bloodlines.

KASAMA Editors