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KASAMA December 1996
Volume 10 Number 4

December 1996
Volume 10 Number 4

Violence Against Filipino Women

Filipino Wives Almost Six Times as Likely to be Killed in Australia

ANTHONY BROWN interviewed EMERE DISTOR on 4ZZZ Radio's current affairs program Brisbane Line.

Comfort Woman: Slave of Destiny

Of Pain, Courage and Survival: The autobiography of Maria Rose Henson.

Book Review by Emere Distor

Going beyond the personal (Part One)

A Filipina feminist looks closely at lesbian activism and the women's movement in the Philippines.

Lesbian activism in the Philippines grew out of the women's movement. In the 1980s, when feminism was not yet a buzz word among women activists, there were a handful of women who began the journey of discovering themselves and their sexual feelings towards other women.

Australian Mining Companies in the Philippines

Tinggians living in the uplands of Abra said they will not hesitate to declare 'war' on Newcrest Exploration, an australian mining company, if it continues to conduct mining exploration in the area.

Fighting for LAND Fighting for LIFE

Land is sacred. Land is beloved. From its womb springs our life. Macli-ing Dulag.

‘Incarnated’ Art or Social Realism?

Correspondent, DEBORAH WALL comments on the work of Filipino artist EMMANUEL GARIBAY who held an exhibition recently in Sydney under the auspices of the Uniting Church.

Towards a Peaceful Mindanao (Part 2)

While Moro resistance was already widely established during and immediately after colonial rule, it was not until the early 70s that the 'formalization' of the Moro revolutionary movements took place.